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El tiempo de viaje en tren entre Barcelona y Santa Coloma de Gramenet es de unos 9 minutos y cubre una distancia de unos 6 km. El tren más rápido suele tardar 9 min. Operado por Renfe Cercanías, el servicio de tren de Barcelona a Santa Coloma de Gramenet sale de Passeig De Gracia y llega a Sant Adreu Comtal. Suelen circular 348 trenes semanales, aunque los horarios de los fines de semana y los días festivos pueden variar, por lo que debe comprobarlo con antelación.

Este sistema de trenes regionales de cercanías (también conocido como Cercanías) conecta Barcelona con Cataluña y el área metropolitana de Barcelona, incluyendo destinos populares como Sitges y la Costa Brava. La red de rutas discurre en su mayoría por el suelo y conecta con muchas estaciones de metro y autobús de Barcelona.  Los trenes circulan con frecuencia y los billetes se pueden comprar en las máquinas expendedoras de las estaciones el mismo día del viaje. Dos niños por adulto (hasta 6 años) pueden viajar gratis. Si llega o sale de Barcelona en un AVE nacional o en un tren de larga distancia, compruebe que su billete contiene un código de 5 dígitos de Combinado Cercanías, que se puede canjear por un billete local gratuito en las máquinas expendedoras.

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According to the report, in Santa Coloma there has been a higher incidence of coronavirus in women, which is explained by the fact that they constitute between 70% and 84% of female workers in the health and social system and, therefore, are more exposed to the virus.

On the other hand, women work in a segregated and more precarious labor market, situations that are aggravated by the crisis with the loss of work and income and the lack of protection that makes them more vulnerable.

On the other hand, unemployment figures have increased due to the pandemic, but while in the case of men a certain recovery has been detected since June, women’s employment reveals a clear downward trend, especially in the sectors of administration, services, commerce and hospitality.

covid-19. (days of confinement).

The City Council will adopt measures of internal character, referring to the own municipal employees for the prevention of the contagion, and others in relation to the services provided to the citizenship as well as the suspension of social, cultural or sports activities.

OFFICIAL COMMUNICATION Due to the maximum confusion created by the possible spread of a pandemic and the position of bodies such as the Generalitat, RFEF and the Catalan Football Federation to suspend sports activities involving risk of mass infection for the next 14 days, @stacolomafutsal welcomes the recommendations of official institutions and suspends all activities (training and matches) until the situation is normalized and the institutions and competent bodies so let us know. The Board of Directors

11.14h. This Thursday, March 12 at 19h has called an event at Can Sisteré about the future of the Can Zam park, an event called by the Platform in Defense of the Serra de Marina and Can Zam. To date this event has not been scheduled.

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Due to the changes caused by the coronavirus pandemic, we have developed a new hygiene and safety protocol to protect Gramadent Dental Clinic. Below, we detail the measures that are being carried out in our dental clinic in Santa Coloma de Gramenet. Appointment The patient will have to make an appointment by telephone before…

Our diet is a determining factor in maintaining better or worse oral and general health. What we eat provides particular nutrients that may be necessary for our body, thus keeping us strong and healthy. A balanced and healthy diet will be the key to keep our teeth healthy and healthy.

In Gramadent Dental Clinic we are with our hearts in the clouds and, although they say that «spring alters the blood», what moves us is Valentine’s Day and the celebration of love. That’s why in February we want all our patients to walk with us with their best…

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