Nota simple registro propiedad madrid

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The Request Simple Note Property Registry Madrid 2021, contains data relative to the property, where the holder or holders are identified, the rights that have been registered, also the type of property, if they have limitations, prohibitions, that affect this property and / or holders.

They can have a foreclosure, which indicates that the bank is going to make the seizure of the property. Also they can have an urbanistic affection, seizures, demands of the property, prohibition to dispose, hereditary right.

The simple notes that have informative value, however the certificate of the Registry of the Property of Madrid, is a public document signed by the registrar that gives faith of the content of the seats that are registered. It can be used as official document where it is needed.

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Request a Nota Simple Registral with information about the ownership and rights over the real estate, to the competent Land Registry, under the Ministry of Justice.

In the request you have to indicate the reason for the request. If you are not a subscriber to this service, you must pay the corresponding fee per property to be consulted, by credit or debit card, and you will receive an electronic invoice as proof of payment. The simple note will be sent to the e-mail address provided by the user.

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The nota simple registral is a document issued by the Land Registry of Madrid. Its purpose is to inform about the reality for legal purposes of a real estate property. For example, it details the location, who is the owner, what burdens weigh on the property, if they are notices of the bank or of another entity.

The Nota Simple is the document issued by the Land Registry of Madrid in which all the data of the property in question appear. It is a merely informative document where the possible charges that the property could have are shown.

The Nota Simple will help us at the time of requesting a mortgage loan, if we are going to request a loan it is necessary to make an appraisal of the property and to give the appraiser the corresponding Nota Simple.

As we have already anticipated, it is an informative document that you can request in the Registry of the Property of Madrid in which data of interest for any person who is about to buy or to rent a house is gathered.

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Yes, the use of this service is done through a secure server (SSL) that guarantees the confidentiality of the personal and banking data of the users. However, just as you can consult other people’s real estate, they have by law the right to know who, when and for what reason has requested information about their properties or rights.

The use that you make of the information received is your sole responsibility, although you must take into account the regulations for the protection of personal data and the prohibition of incorporating the information received into a database for its commercialization.

On the same web page you can obtain a formal invoice valid for tax purposes, being able to print it by your own means, as it has been confirmed by the General Directorate of Taxes in a query made to that effect.

Yes, this service is interconnected with the information service on commercial companies, so you only have to follow the instructions on the screen to obtain online information on the company holding the right.

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